Conference room "The Embassy"

Conference room “The Embassy” of the Ambassade Hotel is ideally situated on 328 Singel, only 150 metres walking distance from the hotel’s main entrance. This meeting facility has a fixed boardroom set-up and is suitable for up to 14 persons. In conference room “The Embassy” you will meet in a representative, stylish ambiance at a very quiet location in Amsterdam’s city centre.

  • Dimensions: 35 m2
  • Set-up: boardroom
  • Suitable for a maximum of 14 persons
  • Daylight: yes
  • Stylish, classical appearance
  • Air-conditioning
  • Private entrance

This meeting accommodation has a private entrance for your comfort and privacy. Cloakroom and restroom are situated next to the conference room.

Plan of conference room “The Embassy” (328 singel) at the Ambassade Hotel