What to do in Amsterdam

Our reception desk staff can tell you about the most interesting things to do while staying in Amsterdam.

We simply point out a few highlights:

Amsterdam has 165 canals over 100 km in length

The Ambassade Hotel is situated on one of the beautiful main canals, the Herengracht. With all that water it would be a pity not to get on board a floating vessel and explore Amsterdam’s canals. There are a number of excellent tour operators offering a variety of canal cruise experiences – from open-top sightseeing by day to romantic candlelit dinner cruises at night.

Artis Zoo

In 1838 the Netherlands’ best-known zoo opened its doors. Over the years, the zoo has grown and today accommodates many ape varieties, small mammals, nocturnal animals, reptiles, hoofed animals, elephants, predators and birds. The zoo is open to visitors every day of the year.

The Beguinage

“Het Begijnhof” (“The Beguinage”), located 150 metres from the Ambassade Hotel) was built in the fourteenth century as a place of residence for devout women who nevertheless did not want to enter a convent. The oldest house in Amsterdam, with a wooden façade from about 1475, can also be seen here. Its well-maintained cottages and gardens make for an atmosphere of rural calm, despite the many people who come to the Beguinage each year.

Amsterdam is well known for its rich variety of museums

The three major museums are the “Rijksmuseum”, the “Van Gogh Museum” and the “Stedelijk Museum”, all within walking distance from the hotel.

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