The Ambassade Hotel’s Guest Books

In addition to our unique collection of signed books by Dutch and international authors the library of the Ambassade Hotel also contains a number of guest books.

These guest books contain entries not only by the many writers who have stayed overnight here, but also by musicians, actors, painters, philosophers, architects and politicians. Many of these prominent guests stayed at the Ambassade Hotel at the invitation of cultural, academic or social institutions.

The original guest books are kept in a safe, but guests are invited to browse through a number of copies that are kept in a special showcase in the library.

The guest books contain a plethora of beautiful and inspiring handwritten contributions by our many famous guests. To us, one of the most inspiring quotes by a famous author who has been our guest on numerous occasions is:

“The Ambassade Hotel is the reason we write books”

We have presented a number of quotations from guests who recently stayed at the Ambassade Hotel in illustration:

Ismaël Serageldin, director of the Library of Alexandria, the oldest in the world:
“A privilege to stay at this elegant place with impeccable taste and excellent outstanding service”

The Hungarian writer György Konrád, who has been our guest many times:
“The nicest place in Amsterdam”

Italian author Umberto Eco has also stayed with us on several occasions:
“Happy to be at the Ambassade”

The renowned Dutch actor Willem Nijholt:
“I have hardly ever been received as cordially as here. I wish you days filled with sunshine” 

Slovanian philosopher Slavoj Zizek:
“One of the few places where I can have a good rest and work in peace at the same time”

American writer Michael Chabon:
“Back again where I belong”

A.M. Homes, another American writer:
“Each time I visit, the hotel is more beautiful and closer to my heart”

It goes without saying that we are most grateful to the many publishing houses and institutions who have directed these prominent and interesting guests to the Ambassade Hotel. We hope to continue this tradition for many years to come!