Where in the Ambassade Hotel are works of art on display?

The answer is actually very simple: everywhere.
The owner of the hotel has put his collection of paintings drawings, water colours and gouaches on exhibit throughout the hotel. Beautiful sculptures by artists of the Cobra movement and contemporary artist Ans Hey are also on display, both indoors and in the various courtyards.

Visitors to the hotel are greeted with a work of art almost without noticing as soon as the door is opened: the glass entrance with a floral pattern. The entrance was commissioned by the hotel from Martin van Vreden.

The lobby contains a number of world-famous works of art by members of the Cobra movement, such as a superb sculpture by Shinkichi Tajiri, the portrait Karel Appel painted of Theo Wolvecamp and Asger Jorn’s 1949 ‘Watch Cat’.

The recently renovated breakfast room contains large and impressive paintings by Cobra artists, the bulk of which are by Theo Wolvecamp.

The adjacent lounge with a splendid view of the Herengracht has a completely different atmosphere. With its collection of works of nineteenth-century artists, it feels as if you have travelled back in time. The same atmosphere is reflected in the adjacent corridors, where countless smaller works by the nineteenth-century Impressionists can be admired.

Guests staying in the elegant rooms with views of the Amsterdam canals will be delighted to find works of art, such as a lithograph by Bram van Velde, hanging over their bed.

The conference room contains several small fantastic representations by Theo Wolvecamp.

In the library you will find two unique designs made by Eugene Brands for the cover of Reflex hanging on one of the walls. Reflex was a magazine published by the Holland Experimental Group. Unfortunately, the designs were never used as the magazine was discontinued after only two editions.

Virtually every corridor connecting the ten gracious canal houses is adorned with works of art on paper. 

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